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  • Singapore Orchid Earring Sale
  • S$5,000.00 S$9,900.00
    Material 18K Rose Gold Stone Diamond, Ruby
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  • Paradise Bird Earring Sale
  • S$7,000.00 S$14,000.00
    Material 18K Rose Gold Stone Diamond, Blue Sapphire
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  • Laelia Orchid Earring Sale
  • S$3,800.00 S$7,900.00
    Material 18K Rose Gold Stone Black Diamond, Pink Sapphire   
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  • Bali Earring Sale
  • S$3,800.00 S$7,700.00
    A modern rendition of a hoop earring. Contemporary lightweight and suitable for day or nightwear. Material 18K Rose Gold Stone Diamond  
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  • Zen Cocktail Ring Sale
  • S$3,800.00 S$8,000.00
    Material 18K Rose Gold Stone Diamond, Amethyst, Ruby  
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  • Covalt Lotus Earring Sale
  • S$3,800.00 S$7,800.00
    Material 18K White Gold Stone Diamond, Blue Sapphire
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