• Diana Sapphire Neck Piece
    • S$20,700.00
      A beautiful diamond necklace displaying a natural carved sapphire.
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    • Ra Light Necklace
    • S$44,900.00
      A large diamond mesh pendant surround a scarlet Rubilite. Shaded gold to white south sea pearls hold this important piece.
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    • Shades of the South Sea
    • S$41,300.00
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    • Regalia Neck Piece
    • S$11,000.00
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    • Vienna Snowflake
    • S$49,600.00
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    • Galaxy Pendant
    • Sold Out
      This is a multi dimensional oversized pendant, with converging and diverging circled in textured 18K rose gold and diamonds. This is a hip, modern piece of jewellery which will compliment a myriad of looks.
    • Cairo Evil Eye
    • S$3,700.00
      The evil eye pendant is set in yellow white and black diamonds as well as blue sapphire. It is set in 18K yellow gold.18K Gold, Diamond, Sapphire
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