• Preening Peacock
    • S$11,000.00
      Material 18K White Gold, 18K Rose Gold Stone Natural: Diamond, Mix Sapphires
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    • Rainbow Stroke Earring
    • S$9,100.00
      Material 18K Rose Gold Stone Diamond, Mix Sapphire
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    • Pink Mandala Earring
    • S$13,000.00
      Material 18K Rose Gold, Enamel Stone Diamond, Ruby
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    • Tropical Palm Earring
    • S$16,500.00
      Material 18K Rose Gold Stone Diamond, Rubellite
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    • The Medusa Hoops
    • S$4,500.00
      Material 18K Rose Gold Stone Diamond 
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    • The Blush Butterfly
    • Sold Out
      Material 18K Rose Gold Stone Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby 
    • Greenwing Macaw
    • S$13,800.00
      Material 18K Yellow Gold Stone Diamond, Mix Sapphire, Ruby
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    • Birdcage Earring
    • S$12,000.00
      Material 18K Yellow Gold Stone Diamond, Emerald, Ruby
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    • Feather Shoulder Duster Earrings
    • Price on application
      Material 18K White Gold Stone Diamond
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    • English Rose Earring
    • S$11,500.00
      Material 18K White and Yellow Gold Stone Diamond
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    • Tanzanite Blooms
    • S$10,300.00
      Material 18K White Gold Stone Diamond, Sapphire
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