• Butterfly Heart Earring Sale
    • S$3,800.00 S$7,700.00
      Material 18K Rose Gold Stone Diamond, Pink Sapphire, Ruby
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    • Capri Earring Sale
    • S$24,300.00 S$48,600.00
      Material 18K White Gold Stone Diamond, Ruby
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    • Casablanca Earring Sale
    • S$3,800.00 S$7,900.00
      Inspired by the characteristic motifs of Morocco, these Burma Ruby/ Ceylon Sapphire / Pink Sapphire earrings set with diamonds are a modern interpretation of ancient design. Material 18K Rose Gold Stone Diamond, Ruby  
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    • Cascata Earring Sale
    • S$13,570.00 S$27,140.00
      Material 18K White Gold Stone Diamond
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    • Chand Bali Earring Sale
    • S$6,000.00 S$12,000.00
      Material 18K White Gold Stone Diamond, Pink Topaz
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    • Chinese Fan Earring Sale
    • S$3,800.00 S$7,400.00
      Material 18K Rose Gold Stone Diamond, Ruby
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    • Covalt Lotus Earring Sale
    • S$3,800.00 S$7,800.00
      Material 18K White Gold Stone Diamond, Blue Sapphire
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